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ABOVEgrid is a developer of commercial and industrial solar energy projects in the United States. The company was formed as a joint venture between Spano Partners Holdings, a recognized leader in solar development and financing, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc., a design and engineering firm with offices across the U.S., and Navara Energy, an experienced originator and developer of multi-megawatt PV solar projects and battery storage systems. 


As a group, this team brings a unique and unparalleled level of expertise to developing solar and battery storage projects, whether they are behind the meter or designed as grid. 


Finally, as a solar project aggregator for a major U.S. utility, we are truly situated "above the grid”, identifying and developing premier solar project opportunities that serve the interests of multiple counterparties: our investors, our partners, regional utilities and ISOs, and commercial and residential electricity consumers.  




Spano Partners Holding (SPH)

Spano Partners Holdings (SPH) is a diverse real estate investment firm with a focus on renewable energy solar PV projects. SPH combines extensive experience in real estate land development, finance and utility-scale solar development to pioneer the most innovative renewable energy solutions in the U.S., while funding philanthropic development work around the world to include even the most remote corners of Haiti and South Africa.


Spano Partners Holding and its affiliate, Spano Solar Enterprises (SSE), have been developing solar projects since its first project began in 2004. With their own assets on the ground, SPH understand the challenges and realities of financing and navigating regulatory terrain – both in the industry and at various levels of government. As a developer and prominent advocate of renewable energy, they have a vested interest in maintaining the highest quality standards – and finding creative solutions to move development forward, from inception through execution and commissioning.


Respected industry names trust SPH to help them achieve their goals. They have a proven ability to reposition formerly “unfinanceable” projects to maximize cash flows and attract the right long-term buyers. While solar development constitutes the highest proportion of its business, SPH is also pioneering new ventures in battery storage monetization solutions. Beyond renewable energy development and storage, the firm also remediates environmentally damaged properties in ways that are economically profitable.

Navara Energy, LLC

Navara Energy, LLC partners have extensive property development experience working in the dynamic and challenging renewable energy and wireless telecommunications industries for major clients such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, SBA, American Tower, Crown Castle and Borrego Solar. Navara Energy partners have been directly involved in the site selection, construction and project management of over 5,000 telecommunications network development projects nationwide. They have originated and managed the development of over 300 MWdc of PV/Storage projects throughout MA and NY.


Navara partners have a deep understanding of market demands and a strong track record of being the first to identify, secure and develop the most desirable projects; as well as the experience to rescue failing projects and bring them to a successful end. In so doing, Navara partners have maintained strategic relationships with property owners, vendors and key developers throughout the United States. With extensive land development, project management and sales experience across multiple disciplines, Navara Energy’s status as an asset to their clients and partners is a matter of record.

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. have more than 1,000 employees in almost 50 offices offering full-service engineering, environmental and energy consulting and design services throughout the Americas, Europe, and around the globe. Drawing on over 90 years of business experience, their multidisciplinary approach allows them to serve clients at all stages from initial due diligence and design to development and construction, as well as the ongoing maintenance and optimization of a real estate asset.


With clients in all 50 states, Partner provides clients with dedicated teams focused on energy efficiency, energy system design and renewable energy engineering. With expertise in facilities engineering, land development and environmental and engineering due diligence, Partner is uniquely qualified to offer innovative and multi-disciplinary solutions for the energy sector. Their ability to effectively integrate these services into a strategic planning and management approach is what sets Partner apart in the energy sector.



ABOVEgrid is committed to superior customer service and process professionalism, honed over decades of project development experience. We demonstrate this commitment through our core values of Trust, Credibility and Integrity (TCI).


   Trust- we believe the foundation of any relationship is trust. Doing the right thing for our clients is first and foremost in all of our dealings.


   Credibility-we have decades of experience across key sectors that merge within the renewable energy industry and hundreds of projects under our belt. We have a deep understanding of the business and know that quality and competence is essential for long-term success.


   Integrity- simply put, we do what we say we are going to do; with reliable follow-up and follow-through, sticking to our commitments always; we are a steadfast partner from project concept to completion.


TCI is the foundation of our customer assurance program which guarantees that we are fully committed to the expectations outlined when we contract with a client. Throughout our processes, there will be multiple opportunities to provide performance feedback as we move through our scope of work.

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